Stop the Pain

The Foot-Rx is a simple and affordable solution for a common problem – foot pain. As the industry's only shoe-insert of its kind, it's designed to reduce pain and inflammation occurring on the top of the feet, often where a shoe’s laces apply pressure on the tendons or metatarsal bones. This kind of top-of-foot pain is a common issue among participants of various sports, but especially those involving significant running or walking.


Why it Works

The effectiveness of the Foot-Rx is based on a simple principle: The redistribution of pressure. When tying a shoe, pressure points are created at each point where the shoelaces intersect over the top of the foot. The tighter the laces are secured, the more pressure is applied at each intersection. This can cause minor pain and bruising just by wearing shoes in normal day-to-day activities, but can become a severe concern for those who require tight lacing for a secure fit when participating in high performance activities.

The patent-pending design of the Foot-Rx can help relieve pain and bruising on the foot by taking the specific pressure points of the shoelaces and spreading them out over the complete surface area of the product. By inserting the Foot-Rx in between the shoe laces and the shoe tongue, the focus of each pressure point of the laces is widened, redistributing the pressure that can cause pain and bruising on the top of the feet.